Inspection of community property

Quality property management begins with effective inspections focused on three areas:

  1. Identify and/or provide preventive maintenance (i.e. burned-out light bulbs).
  2. Identify facility maintenance issues (i.e. missing shingles, loose gutters).
  3. Identify non-compliance with community covenants (i.e. vehicles parked in the yard or common areas).

At AMG, every client has an opportunity to work with our team to plan an inspection protocol that identifies key assets, important covenant restrictions, and acceptable and unacceptable conditions.

Every work day, AMG professional inspectors head to our client communities in specially equipped vehicles to assist our clients in identifying their most urgent needs as well as smaller, pesky problems. While our property management professionals are also involved in the property inspection process, AMG has learned that specialty trained inspectors are both more efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

AMG has served as a technology pioneer, working with Google geo referencing, satellite-based maps, which allow our inspectors and managers to view locations of existing violations and focus on preventing future violations. The technology edge makes it difficult if not impossible for other firms to have a similar level of compliance.